Ramadan Nutrition Tips

Ah yes, contest season is just around the corner. While browsing fitness and bodybuilding forums, I find it common for new competitors to be completely lost in an abundance of information.

Thursday, April 5, 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. – The Brave Heart: Healing Relationships with Ourselves and Others. $10. Vajrayana Kadampa Buddhist Center, 13 Harrison Street, Oak Park.

Energy bars and gels are good because they’re easy to carry and digest – says Monique Ryan, author of athletic mindset hydration pack for Endurance Athletes. Bring food with you, even on short runs, in case you’re in the woods longer than expected. The carbohydrates will help you run and concentrate. Also, stay hydrated with small, frequent sips from a water bottle.

Last Minute Fatal Tricks – This is the deadly downfall to 90% of the newbie’s and even some veteran competitors. Last minute fatal tricks can destroy you on contest day. Don’t get this confused with last minute tactics employed to further prepare you for contest day. A fatal trick will be something along the lines of loading creatine the week before a show or eating a dozen donuts the night before. Yes, I’ve seen these “tricks” used before and it will destroy a ready physique in a matter of hours.

When you eat foods that contain protein, they are broken down in the body as amino acids. These amino acids are then used to build and repair any muscle tissue. This is great for those who are physically active or exercise regularly. This means you will be able to recover at a faster rate than if you were not to consume protein. Every tissue in your body is made up of protein and it is important to consume enough through your diet to replenish it. Protein is also needed to help your immune and nervous system.

Cook it! – Part 2 is where you combine the ingredients and create that wonderful concoction that puts the dinner on the table. You have created a masterpiece from good ingredients and your efforts! Same with exercise. In part 2 you’re into the activity at the level that you intended. If you want to walk at a level of, say 70%, you’ve warmed up to it by walking at a slower pace and building up to this new intensity. Now, let that magnificent machine, your body, do its thing!

Most drinks sold by the sports nutrition companies are not designed correctly and will decrease your body’s performance ability. Just the opposite of what you are looking for. Best sports drink to use – Shaklee’s Performance Sports Drink. It’s been around for years, is used by Olympic and Professional athletes, and is still the quiet hydration standard.

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Ramadan Nutrition Tips

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