Propel Your Business Forward With These Critical Social Media Marketing Tips

Obviously by now you have seen thousands of business owners jump online and they are using social media to enhance their online presence. Social acceptance is a priority. I remember about a year ago when I saw already popular companies such as a Walgreens or WalMart tell you to visit their website on Facebook. I thought wow, they are telling people to not come to their website; but instead to come to their Facebook site to see them.

Crowdsourcing for fans to fund 100% of a film is just wrong. I don’t care if a handful of filmmakers have found some success. I will go out on a limb and suggest there was another aspect of their film’s marketing campaign that was more responsible for its funding success. In the long term, the current crowdfunding process must adapt or die.

Multimedia articles – If you think that blog readers have a lot of time to read lengthy articles, think again. Your articles need to be short – 600 to 900 words, with pictures, audio, and video if possible. They need to make the life of the reader easier. Your reader is searching for answers. They Googled you. They ant to get the answer to what they look for just as easy.

This applies to everything you do online. If you have a comment on your blog by joining an e-mail, a forum, or anything else that the staff to set a character to include a link to your website. If necessary, add a link to their social media sites.

The brief nature of Twitter makes it a great vehicle for sharing links to websites, videos, and so forth. This can be a quick and effective way to share the newest and latest products or information with your customers. Sharing links for others can also be a way to generate income. You can share your own links, too.

I didn’t tell anybody but I also released a documentary along with the album. I’m asking them to give me what they feel like it’s worth-at least a dollar. It’s more about the contribution to the movement than it is the album, because it’s way bigger than the album. It’s asking to get together 2 million people that we can count on, whether it’s political or philanthropic. To be able to have 2 million peoples e-mail that are active, not buy twitter followers, but people that you know that are an active part of it and they support it.

It has been about a month since Eminem passed Lady Gaga at around 29 million ‘likes.’ She has since surged to over 30.2 million. Eminem is now over 30.4 million, passing Michael Jackson’s 29.9 million. This surge has more to do with Eminem’s music than his actual presence on the popular social network. He hasn’t posted on Facebook since February 24th.

(3) Write Articles. Write articles about a subject or product and post your article on a free article site. A rule to keep in mind… follow the guidelines of the article site. Some do not allow you to link to products in your article (although you may be able to talk about it), but you can put the links in your resource box/signature. This is my favorite because it keeps working for you long after you write the article as people are viewing the articles regularly. Try EzineArticles and ArticleDashboard.

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Propel Your Business Forward With These Critical Social Media Marketing Tips

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