Insurance Sales Training 101: A 5-Minute Class On The Art Of Active Listening

You may need some insurance sales training for your sales staff. Most major insurance companies already have them. If you are a small independent agent however with a small staff or a bank that is involved in adding insurance services, you may need to look into getting some insurance sales training especially if this applies to you.

Use titles or headings. This is particularly important if your proposal is relatively long although it is an effective approach with short proposals too. Headings make it easy for your prospect to find key information. Heading also break up the page and make your proposal easier to read.

If you simply can’t take them to a retreat at least get them away from the workplace. They will feel more comfortable and relaxed and ready to explore different strategies. They will look at things in a new light and you will be able to introduce some new ideas they can use to make more sales.

On a recent trip to Chicago, to conduct a one half-day insurance sales training programs, I was off to Las Vegas to present a two-day Management training program.

Example 1 “It really bothers me to see someone ends up in a state nursing home, how does it make you feel?” Prospect answers, “It hurts, my brother was in a state care facility for 3 years before he died and received poor care. Your right, I talk to so many seniors, and completely forgot about the poor care they receive. Certainly, it is a shame for them to have to lie all day in a bed where the staff commonly ignores them. I wished I met more intelligent people like you that are really concerned.

Now is the time to put a stop to the 80/20 rule. What is this, you ask? It means that 80% of your sales are being produced by 20% of your salespeople. Can you imagine what would happen if the other 80% started working as hard as the rest of the sales team?

The keywords provide the foundation for an online business. Figuring out how to do the research and accurately interpreting the results is the best way to achieve a competitive edge.

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Insurance Sales Training 101: A 5-Minute Class On The Art Of Active Listening

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