Exercising With Baby – 10 Different Ways

Fussy babies can make a household very stressful. Knowing how to calm a baby, and having the things you need, will make life much easier for mom and dad, and the rest of the family.

Bouncy seats may or may not vibrate. It can be purchased with or without a toy bar. Seat covers come in a variety of styles and colors. Purchase a bouncy seat with a removable cover for laundering. They can be purchased at any baby store or department store.

Many parents have found that soft background sound seemed to have the most effect; not only does it soothe the baby, but it also helps calm the parents. Often soft soothing music combined with the movement of a rocker or baby toys worked perfectly to settle a colicky crying baby.

Purchase a vibrating baby seat or place the infant in a standard baby seat near a washer or other vibrating appliance. These vibrations will usually have a calming effect. Turning on a vacuum cleaner may help, as well.

Changing tables: Never mind having two side-by-side changing tables. Even if you have another adult with you at all times, it will not hurt a baby to wait the few minutes it takes for you to change his or her sibling.

Being rocked reminds the babies of their time while in the womb. The mother would walk around and that would give a rocking motion to the baby while he was in his mother’s tummy. The rocking motion gives the baby comfort and that is why it also helps when trying to get them to sleep.

Breastfeed: If you have chosen to breastfeed, do not try and stick with a feeding schedule during the colicky weeks or months. If breastfeeding soothes your baby, then by all means feed on demand. You cannot spoil a colicky infant.

Making any big purchases may be difficult for anyone especially when buying baby swings because it involves baby and her safety. But with research and guidance, you can be sure you’ll get the best one your money can buy.

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Exercising With Baby – 10 Different Ways

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