Cheap Web Hosting – The Things You Never Knew

With a choice of Linux and Windows based hosting, they provide fairly large disk space and monthly bandwidth and their feature list is more than enough for starters. Their economy plan, which is the base plan, offers 10GB of storage and 300GB of transfer per month. You can also get a domain name for $2 with this plan.

NO! – One SEO (Search Engine Optimization) report estimates that Google well over 5 billion web pages a day! Yours is probably one of many thousands (if not millions) vying for that coveted top spot in search rankings for your category.

Some web sites which are being hosted by cheap web site host providers are usually prone to down time. A reflection on the kind of services which cheap yearly hosting plans are known about. But, then again, this does not apply to all; there are still some cheap hosting plans out there that are mindful to their clients’ needs and concerns. One should also see in a wider perspective that if your server frequently crashes down, there is a tendency to lose your clients.

Of course, the basic features such as bandwidth and data transfer should be enough for you to create a website. And if you are going to run an eCommerce website, you need to make sure that there are suitable tools for you to check the traffic as well as to provide secured information for your client. There should be options to include SSL as well as other data protection stuff to your website.

There are shared hosting plans available for Linux and Windows. Some give 400 GB. You also get one free domain. Other advantages are unlimited email accounts and 24/7 support. The prices on these offers change from time to time.

The page you buy is drastically over priced. Most companies offering lead capture pages are charging between $50 – $200 for only one page. Why would you want spend such an absorbent amount on a lead capture page that you could learn how to design yourself in only an hour or two?

With a free website your domain name is going to be something like: [http://freesite/]( what ever their name is) / then your website name. This will make it harder for them to find you. Also, when you are using a free website company, they will get half or all of the revenue earned by your website through posting ads on it or through affiliates programs. This can be a major portion of the money your website is generating.

But if you insist on getting one of these services for a dollar, we will be happy to help you when your provider disappears. Let’s hope the damage isn’t too bad.

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Cheap Web Hosting – The Things You Never Knew

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