5 Beginning Steps For Building Your Storage Shed

There are numerous considerations, not the least of which is how you feel about your existing location. That word – LOCATION – should be your primary focus. Do you prefer to remain where you are, or not? Is staying where you are an option, or are you forced to relocate due to a job change, or other issues?

Many foundation walls require what is called rebar dowels to be placed in the footing. You will want to have these dowels pre-bent and ready BEFORE YOU START POURING YOUR CONCRETE. A word of caution here as well. Splattered concrete can cause severe damage to your eyes and skin. Wear safety glasses or goggles whenever working with wet concrete. Any concrete you get on your skin should be washed off as quickly as possible to avoid skin burns.

The reason why? Let’s say the sewer line is 10 feet below the level of the street and the home you plan to build is going to be 15 feet below the street level. If you didn’t know, most of this stuff flows downhill, not uphill. You could buy a sewer pump but I’d rather not fool with any sewer pump if I could avoid it. Similarly, if you are planning on having plumbing in a basement, verify that the sewer line at your property is lower than the basement floor level.

Now you should consider your budget . You would be well advised to figure yourself a estimated dollar amount you plan on spending on your carport or project. After you get prices on your materials list then you can re-adjust your total finished cost. Something else you definitely want to think about and consider is the foundation. I suggest you find yourself a reputable company and have your slab poured. Most of these professional concrete companies can get there in the morning (after they already have it formed up) and pour the cement finish it and be through and gone before lunch. Now it’s possible to pour this slab yourself but I suggest having it one. Whatever you decide at least save money and time by using shed plans.

If any digging is required, make sure to take caution with any water, telephone, or electrical lines that might be underground. Find out the locations of these lines to avoid any problems, or injury.

2) Have you checked with your local town of islip building department to see if there are any regulations that may affect your shed construction plans. How near to an adjacent property line can you locate your shed?

Do Not hold final payment because you want to make sure the project passes inspection. The permit is the responsibility of the contractor. If the job is not done right, the workmanship is shoddy, or there are code violations, the contractor is required to correct all problems and have a re-inspection. Holding a payment for an inspection only causes hate and discontent. Contractors pay their employees and sub-contractor’s when the job is complete. 99% of the time, final inspections pass so there is no reason to not pay for work completed.

Choosing your Tenant Now that the space has been renovated, it’s time to pick a tenant. Becoming a landlord has certain rights and privileges as well as limitations. Carefully read any law books on the subject before beginning the selection process. Your local library will have most of the material you will need to begin. Setting a price range is also critical to which type of tenants you want to attract. A real estate agent or appraisal officer can give you a good estimate of the right price to charge for your newly renovated income property.

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5 Beginning Steps For Building Your Storage Shed

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