You Want To Put An Offer On A House – But You Have Competition

A pervasive smell of dampness – A lot of people think that all basements should smell damp. After all, it is under the house. However, a dry basement will smell very different from a damp basement. A damp basement will have a musty odor that’s quite unmistakeable. At times it smells like wet rags or stagnant water.

PLUMBING: Make sure there are no leaks or water pressure problems. A smart buyer will order a home inspection Dallas anyway, so it is smart to correct these before they are discovered.

Home inspectors also find problems in the heating or central air system. Changing air filters regularly isn’t enough. Has the unit been properly serviced and maintained by a professional? Does the furnace burner work as it should? Are any gas leaks evident? It’s important to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

Go inside and do the same, checking everywhere. I mean everywhere. Get out a flashlight and peek and peer into the attic, crawl space and garage. If it needs fixing, write it down and fix it. As you work on the various things, cross them off. If you find something else while your working on one thing, add it to the list.

You need to know what you can afford. Take every expense you have and plan accordingly. You will want to make sure to have set aside living expenses. Will this be your first home? Your first home may not be your dream home. The average home buyer will sell their first home within six years.

If you are trying to sell a home with outdated tile, consider painting it. This can be a less expensive alternative to replacing all of your tile. Just clean the existing tiles, coat them with a high adhesion primer, and paint them with a ceramic epoxy covering. You will have a brand new look and keep some money in your pocket.

Remember, by finding and dealing with unpleasant surprises now, you can prevent headaches and unnecessary expenditures for yourself or a prospective home buyer later on. If your home inspector gives you bad news, he’s doing you a favor. Don’t feel insulted. Take it in stride and, if you own the home, promptly correct anything that can be corrected.

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You Want To Put An Offer On A House – But You Have Competition

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