Making Meaningless Art

When you decide to paint a room, spend some time to think about just how you want it to look in the end. A little bit of organizing up front can easily save you time and worry later.

Visit Tabby Von Meow in the Employment Office (in the “Things to Do” tab) and choose a job to do. The easiest jobs are the Baby-Sitter, Dr. Quack’s Assistant, and Ms. Birdy’s Assistant. Both the Baby-Sitter and Dr. Quack’s Assistant require dragging items to the Webkinz pictured on the screen. Ms. Birdy’s Assistant is typing single words. Other jobs that are fairly easy are the Piano Player and the Fence Painter and decorator Shenfield, as those require simply remembering and following patterns of colors. The Shoe Store Clerk is a matching (Memory) game. The Gem Mining game requires remembering where gems are hidden.

How to Avoid This Mistake: Try adding a child’s painting or a sculpture your best friend made. It will add a personal touch to your room. The other accessory mistake is in arranging them. Don’t just put one accessory in each place. Group them. Try to create a theme, find something that relates the pieces to each other. And don’t be afraid to move your accessories around once in a while. There is no rule that says that decorating must stay stagnate once designed.

The biggest mistake people make when adding window treatments to a home is to forget how they will look from the outside. Sure different colors may look great from the inside, but do you really want one green window, one blue and one red from the street? It will make the outside of your home look strange and comical.

As you look for your wedding cake, better talk with your cake designer or decorator. You probably have an image of what type of cake you want so better discuss it with the designer. Your designer will then create the style that you want as she turns your image into reality. It will also be more effective to let your cake designer sketch the type of cake you want. Even if it looks primitive so you can tell her right away what is missing and what is lacking. If you have a cake cut from a picture of a magazine or printed on the internet, but you want it to be modified, discuss with your designer the things that she needs to do in order to get the right cake. You will also have to discuss the flavor of the cake icing. They may even have a few samples for you to taste on so you can decide easier.

Firstly, it’s not what you have that gives you style, but what you do with it that really counts. Using the big box retailers for decorating is a real time saver, but it’s up to you to personalize. Certainly photo frames are easy to make yours. Consider theming the groupings; a family wall is usually a real favorite. Another option is to do a travel wall with collage matting so you can display multiple photos within one frame. You can have one frame dedicated to each trip. You can also do groupings of individual frames united by a theme. Think about forming a collection or two, displaying the frames en masse for greatest effect.

Others may think that you have all the free time in the world. You don’t. Make sure that you make it perfectly clear to friends and family that after you start your own business you will not be available during certain times of the day. The benefit of being self employed is having the option of creating your own schedule. However, there are only 24 hours in a day no matter what.

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Making Meaningless Art

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