Best Way To Lose The Weight

Have you been trying to lose weight? In hopes of finding a way to shed some pounds quickly, have you been trying diet after diet? Have you spent lots of money on programs and diets that just don’t work? So why not take some time to research the different options and find one that you can succeed at. Here we have compiled a couple of the better programs that are available to you. First we will look at the pro’s and con’s of these programs. So keep reading if you want more information.

Also known as a very low carbohydrate or ketogenic diet, the Atkins diet puts all of its focus on the carbohydrate side of food. Instead of counting overall calories, it restricts high glycemic carbohydrates, counting them by the number of grams you eat.

You don’t have to worry about cutting out your carbs completely and you can still eat many of the foods you love. The difference is you will have a more natural diet full of better carbs for your body instead of the carbs that are not good for your body. You only have to exercise serious will power for the first two weeks, and then you can have a few of the carbs you love.

The main function of carbohydrate in the body is to provide energy. When the body is short on supply it will find an alternative source. This will be from the extra fat and protein you eat to replace the carbs or if there is a calorie deficit, your body will use it’s fat stores. Many people report headaches and other symptoms in the early stages and this adjustment could be the reason.

I say this with such confidence only because so many overweight people who have already succeeded on this program tell me so. The south beach diet keto friendly may be new to you, but it has existed for several years–long enough to have helped hundreds of people lose weight easily and keep it off.

Many in depth studies have been made of this diet, and it consistently produces lower triglycerides, lower blood pressure and lower blood sugar. And it always shows a reduced risk of becoming diabetic over time.

As with the Atkins diet, the more drastic the change is from your usual way of eating, the more weight you will lose at first. The inventor was trying to help people stay on the very low carb diet. He saw how difficult it was for his patients to stay on it for very long.

And the third phase of the South Beach diet which is then termed “A Diet for Life” is actually the last phase that continues for the rest of the dieter’s life. When the dieter gets to this point of the South Beach diet, he or she will notice that the South Beach diet plan feels less like a diet and more like a way of life. You can in fact forget the South Beach diet as long as you remember to live by its few fundamental rules.

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Best Way To Lose The Weight

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